• Award for Complete Turnaround Management
  • Award for Leveraging IT for Business Performance
  • Most admired IT company of the year
  • Emerging IT company of the year
  • Award for Best e-governance implementation
  • Award for using E-commerce for Rural Marketing
  • Award for Best Software Product Company in Intellectual Driven Business
  • Award for Pioneering IT Industry Initiatives
  • Award for Total IT Quality Management
  • Award for Cyber Security Management Initiatives
  • Award for Innovation in IT Industry
  • Award for Solution Provider of the year
  • Award for Best Implementation of Green IT
  • Award for Process Innovation in IT
  • Award for Best use of IT in Healthcare
  • Use of IT for a Social Cause
  • Role of IT for Rural Health
  • Cloud Company of the year
  • Best Cloud Infrastructure
  • Best use of CSR Practices in IT Industry

  • Award for Web Analytics
  • Award for Social Analytics
  • Award for Analytical Innovation
  • Award for Data Mining
  • Award for Innovative use of Data Technology
  • Award for Audience Segmentation

  • IT Leadership Award (Internet)
  • Award for Leadership in IT (Education)
  • Award for Leadership in IT (Banking)
  • Award for Leadership in IT (Manufacturing)
  • Award for Leadership in IT (Logistics & Supply Chain)
  • Award for Leadership Strategy in ITeS Sector
  • Award for Leadership in Embedded
  • Software Technology

  • CEO of the year
  • CIO / CTO of the year
  • Entrepreneur of the year
  • Marketing Professional of the year
  • Women Leadership Award
  • Young Achiever Award
  • Cloud Innovator of the year