About Us

INTENT OF THE AWARD it is about congratulating the Hotels and Hospitality Industry along with their best employees who have taken that extra step and such differentiated themselves from good to exceptional & the best one's.

RECOGNITION On the day of the award ceremony the jury members will disclose the award winners and will present the winners a trophy and a citation which will set a benchmark for other to emulate.

SELECTION an Independent Jury Comprising of Sr. Professionals from the Hospitality & Service Industry will judge the entries and decide on the best of the best in the respective categories.

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY INCLUDES hotels and motels; boarding establishments; condominiums and establishments of a like nature; health or recreational farms; private hotels, guest houses, serviced apartments; caravan parks; ski lodges; holiday flats or units, hostels, or any other type of residential or tourist accommodation; Spa's, wine saloons, wine bars or taverns; resorts; caterers; restaurants; food court retailing; airline and its function areas; convention or like facilities.